2007 Broken Voices


Broken Voices


Exhibited at LOndon, Liverpool, Riverside studio, Caracas, Venice, Louise Blouin Foundation

Broken Voices is the first project where I worked directly with musicians. Doing things for the first time is always exciting.

I am, like most artists, fascinated about the mechanics of the creative process. It is this process and method that allows for work to be created and exposed to scrutiny. So in a way the method is a tool and the better you can use the tools of your trade the more control you have of your art form.

I developed a series of live performances in Venice, Liverpool and London which allowed me to workshop and experiment and create the work. The work itself has to expressions, something that began then in 2007 and has continued, a live version and a video installation. There are elements of both  manifestations that appear in the installation and live work but there are also many sections that only appear in one or the other.

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Broken Voices installation .jpg