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About Works On Paper

Works on Paper

I have been working on the same paper since 1988. Occasionally I cut the paper to a specific size., but usually I accept the given size of 128 cm 90 cm. I like the idea of a given - something I take for granted. I feel one of the common treads of my work is this acceptance that the site, whether it be a building or a piece of paper comes with an existing set of circumstances. These situations are the material I work with.

The method I use on the paper is almost completely the same. The paper itself is a tough industrial paper that I buy direct from the manufacturer. Its usually for printing high gloss images. This means it is coated and has a shiny water resistant material.

I pencil in a drawing first the using an etching tool scratch in the pencil marks. Sometimes I cut a layer of the paper away. This exposes the fibre beneath. 
I then rub oil stick into the scratched and exposed areas. The next method is erasure. I may leave the oil on the paper for a few weeks or minutes and the kind of line that I get depends on this and also on the persistence of the erasure with white spirit.I have different levels of control, the weight of my hand the speed, the amount of white spirit are all variables.

Sometimes I scratch on to the oiled areas.

Line Drawing 2000

Line Drawing 2000