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I had been cutting into things throughout my life. I had made works back in 1981 cutting shapes and lines in cardboard constructions. Since 1988 I have been cutting, scratching and slicing into sheets of paper, in a series I still continue today called Page-Specific.
I began making a series of proposed and invisible works. I made a piece just of labels. One of the ideas was to make a wall cuts. This came about after doing massive building work on my own house. 
I saw the possibility of using the wall like the paper as a material. As usual once i had this idea i tried to find somewhere to try this out.
I had friends living in Leytonstone whose ACME houses were about to be demolised. I tried to get permission to work in these houses but it was denied.Well, I just gained access illegaly and made my work. I had to be quick to avoid detection from the police and security guards that were all over the area as it was the centre of massive demonstrations and occupation.

2013 Capital Revisted Drawing Centre, New York <<<<< see more

1997 Strip Eagle Gallery, London

1996 Mirades, Museu D’Art, Barcelona

1996 Inside Bankside, Tate Modern , London

1996 House , London

1995 Care and Control , Hackney Hospital, London

1995 Capital, British Museum, London

1995 Interventions in Space Museo Bellas Artes, Caracas

1994 Site Unseen

Selected Cut out Projects

CApital Revisted