I made my first moving images with my dad’s Russian Standard 8mm camera when I was about thirteen. It had a wind up mechanism three different lens and a soft leather case. I also had a film splicer and cement and I loved cutting the film. 

When I went to college I was lucky to have Peter Logan teaching film, he got his friends in too teach as well, so I had a few lessons with Derek Jarman. He showed us his films he made by the Thames, with mirrors reflecting the sun into the lens and making the world go dark.

Then I made my first video works, on half inch reel to reel video tape. I then found Super 8 with sound. Super 8 had a more widescreen format unlike standard 8 which was half of 16mm.

2015 I Don’t Have Ideas / I Don’t Do Research / I Am Not Original 2014 Open / Apen

2014 Unthink

2012 The Public V Art

2012 Hanna Darboven: A Personal View

2011 Before I Start

2011 The Unnatural Order of Things / The Art of Learning

2007 Lost in Space

1996 Art From Scratch

DATE My Short Comings

DATE Playing At School


2012 J'ai besoin du visiteur Chargée de mediation FRAC Nord pas de Calais

2010 Deschooling Society. Hayward and Serpentine Gallery

2005 Lecture To University of Architecture Berlin


1998 Julia Hankin Show. BBC North. (Interview)

1988 BBC World Service.

1996 Whitechapel Open. BBC Radio 1.4 Jan 

1996 Capital + Staple. 1996 Art reviews. Andrew Davies. Viva Radio. 16 Oct

1995 Staple. Art Reviews. Andrew Davies. London News Talk. 10 April 

1995 Capital. Trisha Ingrams Show. (Interview)

Featured text works

Blocking Passing

The Foundling