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Moving Target Exhibition 2012

Moving Target

Exhibition of Selected Video works


Los Galpones Caracas

This was the first solo show of video works that present a group of works that range from Marking Time 1999 to Unsung 2012. The exhibition consisted of four video screens and two video lounges. 



Alight 2002 video, proyección de cuatro pantallas [video, four screen projection] 4 min


Unnatural Acts,  2000, video 18 min

2000 unnatural acts .png

Leak 2005 video 1 min

leak 2005.png

Animate, 2006, video 1 min

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Why Don’t We Talk Anymore,  2005,  video

why don’t we talk anymore 2005.png

I've Got Nothing To Say, 2007, video

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1999 video, proyección de dos pantallas [video, two screen projection] 14 min

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Firework, 2005,  video 1 min

2005 firework.png

Opening / Closing 31 2003 video 1 min

opening : closing 2003.png

Noise, 2006, video 3 min

noise 2006 .png

Broken Voices, 2007, video,  three screen projection, 22 min

broken voices 2007.png