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2017 Blocking Passing, Folkestone Museum.
2014 ProjectSpace, One Art Space New York
2013 Document  Drawing Center NY
2013 Capital Revisited, five locations in the lower east side of NYC
2012 Moving Target Video work Los Galpones, Caracas  
2011 Parallax.  John Hansard. Southampton
2010 The Foundling  The Foundling Museum
2010 Withdrawn  Wimbledon Space
2009 The String, Sound installation, St Georges,  Venice
2009 Public Places Silent Spaces. The Showroom, Sheffield.
2004 One thing leads to another. Studio 1.1. London
2004 Grand Central. Peacocks Visual Arts, Aberdeen
2000 Marking Time LUX Gallery London.
2000 Group Show. Rocket Gallery, London
2000 Unseen Stories Rowley's House Museum, Shrewsbury.
1999 Fault Line. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City. 
1999 Marking Time. Cá Rezzonico. Venice. Video projection
1998 Coming Out. Globe Gallery Tyneside.
1998 Flaw Piece. Buddle Arts Centre. Tyneside.
1998 Contents, Konstantin Adamopoulos Gallery. Frankfurt, Germany (curated by Saul Judd and Verena Kuni)
1997 STRIP Eagle Gallery. Solo show. London.
1996 61/2 weeks. Kombirama. Zurich, Switzerland.
1995 Imperfect State. Cafe Gallery. Southwark. London.
1995 Base. The Adam Gallery. London.
1995 Capital. British Museum.