Video and Sound Overview

Video And Sound


I made my first moving images with my dad’s Russian Standard 8mm camera when I was about thirteen. It had a wind up mechanism three different lens and a soft leather case. I also had a film splicer and cement and I loved cutting the film. 

When I went to college I was lucky to have Peter Logan teaching film, he got his friends in too teach as well, so I had a few lessons with Derek Jarman. He showed us his films he made by the Thames, with mirrors reflecting the sun into the lens and making the world go dark.

Then I made my first video works, on half inch reel to reel video tape. I then found Super 8 with sound. Super 8 had a more widescreen format unlike standard 8 which was half of 16mm.

2005 Firework 1 min 56sec

2005 Why Don’t We Talk Anymore 2min

2005 Lightswitch 4 min

2005 Mahli 8 min

2005 Madj’s story 8min

2005 Yasmin Farah 6min

2005 Alhmend 12min

2005 Leak 1min

2005 Life Class 3min

2004 (of)Fence 7min

2004 Floating One Loop

2004 Opening/Closing 4min 30 sec

2003 Grand Central 8min <<<< see more

2002 Evening Chorus 5 Screen Looped

2001 Self Contained 8min

2000 Unnatural Acts 3 Screen Projection 24min <<<< see more

1999 Day For Night 12min (Audio Piece)

1999 Marking Time 2 Screen Projection 15min <<<<<see more

1995 Caracas 5 min (Documentary)

1977 ABC 30 sec

2017 Blocking Passing <<<< see more

2016 H 16min

2011 Caracol 12min

2011 Hola 3 2min2011 Hola 2 4min 14 sec

2011 Hola 1 5min

2008 Foundling 24min

2007 I’ve got nothing to say 30 sec

2007 Broken Voices 3 screen projection 23 min

2007 Expletive/Deletives 4min

2006 Noise 3min 31 sec

2006 Animate 1 min 30sec

2006 Oveture 8min

2006 Erotica 2006

2005 Below Ground 7min

2005 Lets Stay with These Pictures 7min

2005 Ground Zero 7min

2005 Fucknauman 47 sec looped

2005 Stop Making Sense 8 min (documentary)

2005 Toilet Duck 5min


HIGHLighted Video Works

Blocking Passing

Video Series

2017 - Ongoing


2017, Folkestone museum

Moving Target

Exhibition of Selected Video works


Los Galpones Caracas