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Curated Shows and Events

Alongside my practice I created and develop projects, events and festivals such as Venice Agendas and Strangelove Festival

2019 Venice Agendas: The Market <<<< see more

2019 Strangelove Time Based Media Festival, Folkestone, London, Brighton, Margate <<<< see more

2018 Strangelove Time Based Media Festival, Dunkirk

2017 Venice Agendas: The Contract. London, Venice, Margate, Folkestone

2017 Strangelove Time Based Media Festival, Folkestone.

2016 Venice Agendas, Access all Areas, Venice

2016 Venice Agendas, Culturelines Sans Frontières Athens

2015 Venice Agendas, Crossing Boundaries, Venice

2015 Strangelove Time Based Media Festival, CSM Kings Cross.

2013 Venice Agendas, Live Art and the Alternative Art Scene, Venice

2013 Body Politic, discussion dance pavilion Bournemouth

2013 Re-inventing the body, discussion Sotherby’s London

2013 What is Art discussion Turner contemporary

2011 Soundings Venice Biennale

2010 Film / Video / Performance Wimbledon Space

2009 Word Play ICA London

2009 Propositions ICA London

2008 Draw Cut Tear, Wimbledon

2007 Ground Rules. Wimbledon Park

2001 Hide and Seek Cheltenham Pump Room

2001 Project: Film and Video Cheltenham Pump Room

2001 Different Diverse. Venice Biennial

2002 Different Diverse Western Front, Vancouver, BC

2003 Its A Wonderful Lie. Performance and Video’s Wasps Studios Glasgow

2005 Another Day at The studio. Ruskin School of Art.

2005 In Focus Eagle Gallery, London

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