Interventions in Space


Interventions in Space

1995 Museo Bellas Artes Caracas 


The Adam Gallery in South London was an amazing project by the artist Adam Reynolds. Adam was an extraordinary artist and an amazing person and despite his severe disability had a constant and infectious energy. He died a few years ago and is missed by everyone who knew him. I am very active with the Adam Reynolds Memorial Foundation that supports disabled artists in the UK.

Because the Adam Gallery was an artist run space it was up to the artist to invigilate. So everyday I sat and looked after the gallery. One day Maria Elena Ramos walked into the gallery saw the work and invited me to make work in her gallery in Caracas. The gallery turned out to be the Museo de Bellas Artes.

I was not able to make a site visit so it was arranged that I would spend a month in Caracas and I would develop and make the work on site. I had a suite at the Hilton and my studio was the foyer in the museum.
I loved my time in Ccs and I have been back there on two other occasions to make work, I am currently working on another project for November 2012.